Envision This For Yourself:

  • Embrace Self-Confidence

    Start trusting and stop doubting yourself

  • Pursue Your Dreams Fearlessly

    Go after your dreams with tenacity and confidence

  • Enhance Self-Love

    Strengthen your relationship with yourself and with others

Course curriculum

    1. Purpose

    2. Welcome

    1. Create a Safe and Welcoming Space

    2. 10 things I LOVE about ME

    3. PRACTICE - Feeling Gratitude

    4. Digging Deeper

    5. What Brings You Joy

    6. ACTION ITEM & MEDITATION: Spending Time with Yourself

    7. Identifying Negative Thoughts & Beliefs

    8. PRACTICE - Thought Tracking

    9. EFT Tapping


    1. Create a Safe and Welcoming Space

    2. Reiki & Healing

    3. Sensing your Energy

    4. ACTION ITEM: Guided Self Reiki practice

    5. Heart Awareness Breath

    6. Breathe In, Breathe Out

    7. ACTION ITEM: Breathwork To Reset

    8. ACTION ITEM: Energy Movement - Nervous System Reset

    9. Meditation and Yoga for Rest & Well-Being

    1. Create a Safe and Welcoming Space

    2. Nervous System Reboot


    4. I AM Meditation

    5. PRACTICE: Self-Reiki to Start Your Day

    6. Self-Compassion

    7. Mindset - Self Love in Action

    8. Make Friends With Your Inner Child

    9. The Body Keeps The Score

    10. Nurture Your Body

    11. Affirmations & Reprogramming

    12. Energy Movement - Connect to Your Body

    13. Accept & Connect - Ride the Wave

    14. Closing with gratitude

    1. Productivity & Progress

About this course

  • $297.00
  • 36 lessons
  • 1.5 hours of video content

The Purpose

Beliefs underpin everything. What do you believe about yourself? Is it loving? Self love applies to everything. In business, connection, relationships, & health. It empowers you to create your own happiness. It drives you towards forward movement. It helps you replace old habits with new ones. It guides you to the next level - in sports, business, work, hobbies. Your self worth & self love are the foundation.

  • Integrate and connect with your whole self with love & compassion

  • Learn tools to shift negative self talk & negative thoughts and reframe your thinking patterns

  • Reset your nervous system to relieve anxiety & chronic stress

Transform Your Life and Discover the Power of Self-Love

Discover self-love, heal with Reiki, and experience inner harmony & holistic well-being in this transformative course.


Instructor Bio:

Chelsea is a Reiki Master Teacher & Healer, Certified Health Coach, and trauma informed certified Yoga Nidra facilitator. She found the world of energy healing and Reiki in 2017 when she was feeling lost, disconnected, unhealthy, and lacking purpose. It helped her heal, connect, and find direction - that's why she's passionate about sharing and teaching Reiki through sessions, workshops, and trainings, while incorporating coaching, meditation, breathwork and other somatic healing techniques to facilitate growth, healing and expansion. She's studied other modalities such as Neurosculpting, Neuro-Linguistics Programming, EFT tapping, Mindscaping, Somatic Healing Techniques, and Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction, nutrition, fitness, meditation, and infuse these into her practice for holistic coaching and wellness. She's a multi-passionate entrepreneur/solopreneur and salsa dancer, practices yoga & meditation daily, loves to hike and teach dance, loves to cook and eat great good, and she's a total dog lover (and support dogs with Reiki healing and dog sitting).

Chelsea McGuire

Reiki Master Teacher & Practitioner

Are you ready to unlock your potential?

Operate from a higher vibration, live unapologetically, and start loving yourself again